WeTrade launches WeTrade Rewards!

Lifelong benefits pay tribute to traders’ quality life

In March 2017, WeTrade, a new force in the first global financial revolution, grandly announced today that the industry-leading points mall is officially launched! WeTrade Points Mall will bring a feast of lifelong benefits to traders around the world and pay new respect to their quality of life.

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In the traditional trading world, this is the first time that points can be reset for life. WeTrade’s points mall shines with its forward-looking, innovative and deep care for traders. From now on, every transaction you make will become a source of points. These points will accompany your trading career and will not be cleared for life, bringing you a variety of rewards and benefits.

The unique features of WeTrade Points Mall:

1. Unlimited accumulation of points: Points can be generated by transactions. WeTrade Points Mall provides you with a brand new lifelong points system. Your points not only accumulate with every transaction, they will always be with you, adding color to your life.

2. Diverse rewards: Points are no longer just numbers, they are your loyal partners and can be redeemed for a variety of rewards in the WeTrade Points Mall, ranging from exquisite gifts to high-end travel, to help you create a noble life.

3. Quality life partner: WeTrade Points Mall aims to create a quality life for traders. Our selected reward programs cover many exquisite brands and unique VIP services to ensure that you enjoy a unique life experience.

This revolutionary new initiative reflects WeTrade’s endless respect for traders around the world and brings more excitement to their quality life. We invite you to join us to enjoy the lifelong benefits of WeTrade Points Mall and explore your journey of quality life.

Whether you are a practitioner in the financial industry or a newbie who is keen on trading, WeTrade Points Mall will provide you with unprecedented benefits. A lifelong feast starts from now on!

Welcome to visit the WeTrade Points Mall website to learn more about this industry-leading innovation. We look forward to exploring this exciting new era with you and paving the way for quality life.


About WeTrade:

WeTrade is a leader in the global financial field, providing traders with a full range of trading and investment solutions. WeTrade is committed to driving the financial revolution, creating more opportunities for traders, and providing them with an unparalleled quality of life.

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