WeTrade’s major events in 2018

*Pay tribute to the past and look forward to the future*

In 2015, WeTrade was established in the UK. As a shining star in the financial world, it has not only continued to grow and expand since 2018, but also expanded its mission to social responsibility and customer satisfaction. In this proud year, WeTrade is honored to share with you the brilliant achievements and highlights of 2018.

WeTrade’s major events in 2018:

For financial security, WeTrade is the first choice: In 2018, despite the financial market falling into a cold winter, WeTrade provided customers with unparalleled financial security. The safety of customers' funds is 100% guaranteed. We have never defaulted on any customer's withdrawals. Deposits are credited immediately, and withdrawals are credited within T+1 working day. Customer funds are strictly stored in segregated accounts and cooperate with 12 top international banks to provide top liquidity and competitive quotes.


Upgraded products/trading environment, more choices: WeTrade provides investors with more products to meet the diverse needs of global customers. The trading environment has been upgraded to be more stable and secure, allowing investors to enjoy a faster, safer and more stable trading environment.


The Malaysian office was established, and global operations went further: In order to better serve customers, WeTrade established a Malaysian office and service center in the United Kingdom, Seychelles, and China in 2018, achieving greater globalization operations. Make breakthroughs and provide more customers with professional, high-quality and thoughtful consulting services, as well as more competitive cooperation solutions.

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Rich market activities benefiting customers around the world: WeTrade holds different online marketing activities every month, such as bonus points for opening an account and depositing funds, cash rebates on transactions, ECN event specials and other special activities, benefiting tens of thousands of users and thousands of agents. WeTrade investors are provided with additional benefits.


Offline exhibitions and events: Despite the cancellation of offline exhibitions and events, WeTrade still insists on interacting with customers online. These face-to-face communications not only benefit tens of thousands of users, but also inspire the enthusiasm of thousands of agents.

The 16th Shanghai Financial Management Expo

The points mall is online, allowing traders to enjoy a quality life: In 2018, WeTrade led the industry and launched the points mall, which has eight permanent columns, 200+ top brands, and 6,000+ successful redemption records. In the past six months, WeTrade has given away a Tesla luxury car, several Cartier watches, dozens of Apple computers, hundreds of new Apple mobile phones, and N+1 brand gifts. Every customer who trades on WeTrade can not only obtain first-class products and services, but also enjoy a quality life.

Education and public welfare go hand in hand, WeTrade is on the road: WeTrade focuses on financial and foreign exchange education, cooperates with the top analysis institution Trading Central to provide investors with rich financial and foreign exchange learning resources, and publishes professional exchange reviews, latest information and useful articles every day. Provide investors with a good learning environment. At the same time, WeTrade actively participates in social responsibility activities, such as the "One Teacher, One School" Caring for Primary Schools activity, and will form a three-year funding relationship with Banpo Primary School in Mengding Town to contribute its modest contribution to the beauty of society.

More care, more growth, more opportunities: WeTrade provides employees with more training and benefits, and provides more opportunities for employee development. This includes a wealth of financial, management, and customer service training courses, as well as various welfare activities, such as lottery rewards, overseas study opportunities, etc. WeTrade sincerely looks forward to growing together with its employees.

In 2019, we walk hand in hand: 2018 is a year of building on the past and ushering in the future. WeTrade promises to continue to provide excellent products, excellent services and more preferential policies in the future. In global operations, WeTrade will always remain true to its original aspirations and become a top foreign exchange service provider trusted by customers.

To end with a famous quote from the movie "Kingsman", "Being better than others is not a noble thing. The real nobility is to be better than yourself before." At the intersection of 2018 and 2019, WeTrade will continue Show more excitement and pave the way for a common tomorrow.

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