Won the title of Most Honest Foreign Exchange Broker of the Year

On June 16, 2018, the second Zhengzhou Financial Management Expo, hosted by Dunlan Financial Services and guided by the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce and the Henan Provincial Trade Promotion Association, opened grandly at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The starlight of this exhibition was not only attended by many well-known foreign exchange media to support it, but also many analysts and traders came to the scene, and many foreign exchange brokers attended this grand event. It can be described as a gathering of stars.


As a sponsor, WeTrade was invited to attend this exhibition, booth number B5.

At this event, WeTrade adhered to the development concept of "trading starts with trust", the development purpose of operating with integrity and customers first, as well as the steady upward development in recent years and the reputation passed down by customers by word of mouth, and finally lived up to expectations and won the " The Most Integrity Forex Broker of the Year" award!



At the second Zhengzhou Financial Management Expo, WeTrade not only brought home honors, but also delivered professional services and full heart.

As an exhibitor, WeTrade not only brought professional, attentive and thoughtful smiling services from elites in North and East China, but also generous gifts and refreshing cola drinks, as well as mysterious guests to help out and bring joy to customers and friends in Zhengzhou. Full of surprises are coming! Let’s review together the wonderful moments of the exhibition!

Part1. WeTrade staff patiently explain to customers the company's products, services, advantages and the latest activities of the WeTrade Points Mall.

Part2. The temperature in Zhengzhou is scorching, and WeTrade has already prepared refreshing Coke (room temperature Coke and cold/hot water are also available) to soothe your throat after a busy day.


Part3. Zhonghui’s booth also brought many generous gifts, including a 500USD real account bonus, Zhonghui’s customized limited edition mascot USB flash drive, porcelain bowl set, “I❤Trading” mug, office set, and tableware Great gifts are waiting for you to take home!




Part4. WeTrade specially invited the mysterious guest "God of Wealth" at the Zhengzhou Financial Management Expo to bring you good luck and blessings in the second half of this year!

Part 5. At the exhibition site, WeTrade brand manager-Neo Gong was invited to participate in an interview with the organizer. He introduced Zhonghui’s development plan for the second half of the year, the arrangements for the Zhengzhou exhibition, the latest promotions of the WeTrade Points Mall on Father’s Day, etc., and also introduced the The exhibition activities expressed expectations and praise.

WeTrade's exhibition activities are still in progress in an orderly manner, and in the next two days, we will present more excitement to you at the Zhengzhou Financial Management Expo! We will always adhere to the concept of "transactions start with trust" and provide professional, enthusiastic and thoughtful services. We look forward to meeting more friends!

"Yu" meets you in Zhengzhou, let's meet at the 2nd Zhengzhou Financial Management Expo, WeTrade will see you there!

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