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Trading with a multi-terminal refers to the ability to manage multiple trading accounts simultaneously using a single platform.

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Manage more than 100 accounts

traders can monitor and manage multiple trading accounts from a single interface. This streamlines the account management process, as there's no need to log in and out of different accounts or switch between platforms.

Easy allocation of funds

Traders can allocate funds between multiple accounts quickly and efficiently using a multi-terminal. They can transfer funds, adjust position sizes, and distribute capital according to their trading strategies or risk preferences without the need for separate transfers or manual calculations.

Analysis and reporting

Multi-terminals often provide consolidated reporting and analysis tools, allowing traders to assess the performance of their accounts collectively or individually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Multi-terminal trading software is a specialized platform designed for traders who manage multiple trading accounts simultaneously. It allows traders to execute orders, manage positions, and monitor market movements across several accounts from a single interface.
  • If you are a professional trader or manage multiple accounts, using multi-terminal trading software can significantly streamline your trading activities. It helps you save time, maintain consistency, and execute trades more efficiently.
  • No, You can not
  • While a robust computer can improve performance, most modern computers should be capable of handling multi-terminal software efficiently. However, a stable internet connection is crucial to avoid disruptions.

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