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WeTrade allows you to diversify your portfolio with low commissions by selecting from a varied range of international stock CFDs. WeTrade offers you the choice to take a long (buy) position if you think the price of a stock CFD will rise. And you may opt for a short (sell) position if you get the impression that a stock’s price may fall.

*Trading has risks, your investment should not exceed the loss you can afford.

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Advantages of Stock Trading



The U.S. stock market and the Hong Kong stock market attract global investors with high liquidity and broad international participation. By trading in these markets, investors can participate in the growth and development of the global economy.



Market Opportunities

The U.S. stock market and the Hong Kong stock market offer abundant investment opportunities. The U.S. stock market is one of the largest stock markets in the world, with numerous well-known companies and industry leaders. The Hong Kong stock market is a significant financial center in Asia, with a wide range of industries and investment opportunities.



Diversified Industries

The U.S. stock market and the Hong Kong stock market cover various industries, including technology, finance, consumer goods, healthcare, and more. This provides investors with a wide range of industry choices, allowing them to create portfolios based on their investment strategies and preferences.



Market Transparency

The U.S. stock market and the Hong Kong stock market have high market transparency and information disclosure requirements. Investors can access a wealth of financial and business information to help make informed investment decisions.

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Risk warning: Forex and CFD products have market risks, and leverage products may not be suitable for all clients. Please read our risk statement.