What is the Cent Account?

A cent account, also known as a micro account, is a type of trading account offered WeTrade. It is designed for traders who want to start with smaller amounts of capital or who want to practice trading strategies with minimal risk.

In a cent account, the balance is denominated in cents rather than dollars or any other base currency. For example, if you deposit $10 into a cent account, your account balance will be displayed as 1000 cents. This allows traders to trade with smaller position sizes and lower risk exposure.

Cent accounts are particularly popular among beginner traders because they provide an opportunity to trade in real market conditions with a low initial investment. It allows traders to get a feel for the market and gain experience without risking large amounts of money.

It's important to note that although cent accounts offer smaller trade sizes and reduced risk, the trading conditions and market dynamics remain the same as in standard account. Traders should still exercise caution and implement proper risk management strategies when trading on a cent account or any other type of trading account.

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Access up to 1:400 leverage on your Cent Account

With higher leverage, traders can control larger positions in the market compared to their account balance. This allows for increased market exposure and the potential for higher profits if trades are successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The primary purpose of a Cent Account is to provide traders with an opportunity to practice and test their trading strategies in a live market environment with minimal financial risk. Since the account balances are in cents, it allows traders to execute smaller trades and gain practical experience without risking significant amounts of money.

Risk Management: Cent Accounts are ideal for beginner traders or those with limited trading capital as they offer a low-risk environment to hone trading skills without risking substantial funds.

Real Market Conditions: Unlike demo accounts, Cent Accounts allow traders to experience real market conditions and emotions as they trade with actual money, even if it's in smaller denominations.

Testing Strategies: Traders can use Cent Accounts to test various trading strategies and fine-tune their approaches without substantial financial consequences.

Yes, you can make real profits with a Cent Account. However, since the balance is denominated in cents, the gains will be proportional to the size of your trades. While this might limit the amount you can earn, it also significantly reduces the risk of significant losses.

Yes, you can withdraw profits made from trading a Cent Account. The process is similar to withdrawing profits from a regular account, and the funds will be transferred to your chosen withdrawal method.

Trading on a Cent Account is similar to trading on a regular account in terms of market access and execution. The primary difference lies in the account balance denomination and the lower risk associated with Cent Accounts.

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