Midyear Giveaway, Claim up to US$200 before June ends.

$50 Trading Bonus

$2 cashback per lot

Deposit Bonus

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You are right on time to enjoy our Midyear Bonus. Get up to US$200* bonus this month! This exclusive offer is for our new clients to enjoy an exceptional trading experience.
All you have to do is to activate your trading account and participate in this campaign to claim up the bonus. During this campaign period, you will be enjoying two types of bonuses: Deposit Bonus and Trading Bonus.
Whether you are a novice investor or an experienced trader, we strive to make your trading experience seamless. Activate your account now. Make the most out of this offer!

>> Promotion Content <<

Promotion Period:00:00:00 June 1st,2023- 00:00:00 July 1st,2023 (GMT+3)

Participants:WeTrade New Clients

Promotion:During this campaign period, new clients can receive bonus up to US$200, which include trading and deposit bonus. The specific bonus scheme and conditions are outlined in the table below:

Trading Bonus

Bonus CreditCredit Unlocking ConditionsTrading Volume RequirementExpiration Period
US$ 50Account Activation25 Lots30 days from the date of activation

Deposit Bonus

Cash BonusChanceSingle Deposit RequirementExpiration Period
US$ 701≥ US$ 7000*Within 60 calendar days
US$ 401≥ US$ 5000Within 60 calendar days
US$ 201≥ US$ 3000Within 30 calendar days
US$ 101≥ US$ 1000Within 30 calendar days
US$ 52≥ US$ 500Within 30 calendar days

*Please note that the maximum single deposit amount may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations and may also differ based on country and regional differences.

>> Terms & Conditions <<

  1. This campaign is effective from 01 June 2023, 00:00:00 (GMT+3). By participating or continuing to participate after the effective date, you agree to the following:

  2. The following information forms the basis of participation in the WeTrade Midyear Bonus up (“bonus”or“campaign”). These Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) are intended to protect the clients of WeTrade (“Client"). Your participation in this campaign will be governed by these Terms and Conditions, and it is the your responsibility to read and understand all of them.

  3. If you require clarification or further information, you may contact WeTrade online support or send an email to globalsupport@wetradefx.com. Please note however, campaign Terms and Conditions cannot be superseded or changed except in writing from WeTrade.

  1. New Client: New Client refers to a validated WeTrade live account - created before or on 01 June 2023 - to a legal entity or a natural person. It should be the first account that he/she registers, deposits funds, and trades during this campaign period.

  2. Account Activation: Completion of the KYC verification process by uploading your identification documents to fully activate your account.

  3. Calendar Days: The days that marked on a standard calendar, including weekends and holidays.

  4. Single Deposit: The act of depositing funds into a trading account in a single transaction. It means that a trader or investor transfers a certain amount of money into their trading account at a time.

  5. Chance: The number of times a client can receive the cash bonus.

  6. Expiration Period: The validity period of the deposit bonus quota or the trading volume requirement for the trading bonus starts from the day the client's account is activated. This duration indicates how long the quota or requirement remains valid before it expires or becomes invalid.

  7. Lot: One (1) standard lot is one (1) complete lot.

  1. 01. The maximum deposit limit during the campaign period may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations and is subject to the actual maximum limit set by the platform.

  2. 02. Transfers between accounts are not considered as deposits.

  3. 03. The Trading Bonus is a pending credit task given to the client. In order to withdraw the full amount of the trading bonus, the client must trade 25 lots during the campaign period. The specific conditions are explained below:

    1. 3.1. Once the new client's account is activated during the campaign period, the trading bonus credit will automatically appear in client portal as a pending credit task.

    2. 3.2. Once the client receives the trading bonus credit, their trading volume becomes eligible for converting the credit into a cash bonus.

    3. 3.3. All trading transactions during the campaign period on additional trading accounts are including in the volume statistics, excluding indices, cryptocurrencies and stocks.

    4. 3.4. Once the client has completed trading 25 lots before the expiration date, he will receive a US$50 bonus in his WeTrade Wallet, which he can withdraw.

    5. 3.5. In the event that a client fails to meet the trading volume requirement for the trading bonus, they still have the option to withdraw a portion of their completed lots, which will be rounded down to the nearest integer value of their completed lots during the campaign. For each eligible trading lot, the client will receive a rebate of US$2/per lot and will be automatically credited into client's WeTrade Wallet at 24:00:00 (GMT+3) on the 30th day starting from the date his/her account is activated.

  4. 04. The Deposit Bonus is a cash bonus that will be directly awarded to the client once they meet the single deposit requirement during the campaign period. The specific conditions are explained as follows:

    1. 4.1. Once the client has made a deposit according to the Deposit Bonus Scheme, they will receive the cash bonus automatically in their WeTrade Wallet.

    2. 4.2. The client has the option to withdraw the cash bonus directly, transfer it to their trading account, or leave it in the WeTrade Wallet for to earn additional WeTrade Reward points.

    3. 4.3. The quota for the Deposit Bonus will expire as per the Deposit Bonus Scheme. Once expired, the client will no longer receive any cash bonus.

  5. 05. USDT top up is not eligible for this campaign.

  6. 06. The campaign conditions may vary for different countries and regions due to differences in the maximum limit for a single deposit.

  7. 07. WeTrade has the right to disqualify any client and reserves the right to change the terms of the campaign or cancel it at any time without prior notice.

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