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Join our NBA Guessing Campaign.
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Predict the results of the 2023 NBA games using the odds displayed on our platform. From qualifying rounds, playoffs, semi-finals to the finals, experience the thrill and win unlimited WeTrade Reward Points!

>> Promotion Content <<

Promotion Period:11th April 2023 to 13th June 2023

Participants:Global clients

Promotion:2023 NBA Championship has kicked off! Which team will be the champion this year? Which team do you look forward to see them playing? Participate our NBA Guessing Campaign at WeTrade Rewards Mall. Be a part of the game, enjoy the thrill and win unlimited WeTrade Reward Points!

>> Terms & Conditions <<

Terms & Conditions
  1. When a guess order is placed, it cannot be cancelled at all times.

  2. Once the game has started, the guess order will be closed. It cannot be cancelled, modified, or raised.

  3. This guessing campaign is only for guessing the outcome of the final result of a game. Half-time,scores, or any other types of guesses are not applicable.

  4. In the NBA, a game consists of four quarters. Each lasting 12 minutes for a total of 48 minutes of regular playing time. The guess being made is about predicting which team will win the game. If the game ends in a tie, then the final result will be determined by the outcome of any additional overtime played after the regular 48 minutes game.

  5. In the NBA playoffs, teams compete in a "best-of-seven" format, which means they have to win four games to move on to the next round. Game five, six, and seven will only be played if necessary. If one team wins the first four games of the NBA finals, the series will end with the fourth game on June 9th. This event will also end on the same day, and the final schedule is subject to the official announcement from the NBA.

  6. These guess orders may result in the losing your initial WeTrade Reward Points that you placed.Only the ones who guessed on the winning team on a game will win WeTrade Reward Points according to the odds.

  7. The odds displayed is calculated by global industry experts. WeTrade holds no opinion on the guessing odds.

  8. The odds displayed may vary from different providers.

  9. Odds are calculated by industry experts based on various factors and are changing all the time.WeTrade cannot guarantee fixed odds due to network delay or other electrical issues from the client's end. The actual odds of a guess is accurate at the moment the guess order is successfully placed.

  10. WeTrade Reward Points will be automatically credited into the client's account within 24 hours after the game.

  11. The client portal and mobile app will show the time according to the country that the client is based in.

  12. However, this guessing campaign is based on NBA's official time in the US (GMT-5). As the time zone might differ, client needs to be aware of the time difference.

  13. This guessing campaign is for entertainment purposes only. It does not involve money. This guessing campaign can be addictive, please play responsibly.

  14. If any terms of a promotion or discount are violated, or if there is evidence of risk-free guessing from an individual or group, WeTrade reserves the right to revoke the WeTrade Reward Points or invalidate the guess orders.

  15. This guessing campaign is not applicable to Vietnam region.

  16. WeTrade reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

  17. In case of any error in translation, the terms and conditions in English shall prevail.

>> Frequently Questions <<

Can I change my guess once the match has started?

You cannot change your guess once the match has started.

How do I claim my reward points after my guess is correct?

It will be automatically transferred to your WeTrade Rewards account, an hour after the match ends.

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