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  • Withdrawable bonus

  • Accumulative points for redemption

  • Up to 100% bonus for new clients

>> Promotion <<

Date&Time:November 01 - November 30, 2020

Participants:For the new and existing WeTrade clients

Promotion:Earn your first deposit bonus - as we are offering to all our new and existing clients!
Does not matter whether you have never traded before or have never traded with WeTrade particularly –
if this is your first deposit with us, you can earn the trading bonus of up to $600.

>> Deposit Bonus Guide <<

Your First Deposit (USD)Your Trading Bonus (USD)Number of Lot

>> Redemption Process <<

Create a live
trading account
Validate the account
Bonus is instant
credit to your account
Complete the required
lot/s and withdraw
the bonus

>> Terms&Conditions <<

  1. One (1) standard lot is one (1) complete lot.

  2. The promotion is only applicable to a validated WeTrade trading account (create on November 1, 2020, or before) to one account per legal entity or natural person which is the first account he/she opens or deposits into during the campaign period.

  3. The clients with WeTrade trading account before November 2020 with a first-day deposit in November 2020 are entitled to credit (excluding new client credit bonuses).

  4. The promotion is limited to the client with the first deposit in November. This applies to all trading account designated by WeTrade in the Client Portal for these Terms.

  5. If any Clients have met the eligibility criteria, the first credit shall be automatically added to the client trading account. This credit is not withdrawable until the clients meet the required trading lots. All credit shall be automatically converted to bonus once the clients meet the required trading lots.

  6. All trading transactions within the campaign period for additional trading accounts are including in the volume statistics, excluding indices.

  7. New clients who receive the first new client credit will receive an additional credit of 100% in addition to the initial transaction credit, which will also be issued to the MT4 account in the form of credit, and the target transaction volume of the credit will be consistent with the initial credit and calculated separately.

  8. In the event of a completed withdrawal (including withdrawal after internal transfer to the account under the same personal details) or before qualifying participate in the first deposit, the client’s eligibility shall be terminated in this campaign.

  9. During the campaign period, if the client transfers funds from the account where the credit is located in another account under the same personal details, or withdraw from the account where the credit is located, the credit (the initial credit and additional credit) shall be removed.

  10. The client will receive the credit on the next day he/she completes the required trading lots upon the first-day deposit (each deposit is equal to or more than US$500 or equivalent). In the event of a withdrawal from the withdrawable balance during the campaign period, the additional credit shall be removed.

  11. Example:
    Client A made the first-day deposit on November 1, 2020, to the registered WeTrade live trading account of at least US$500 to get a US$50 credit and an extra US$50 new client credit.
    Client A has successfully traded 25 lots, the US$50 credit converted to a bonus. If he/she withdraws US$50 at 25 lots, the extra US$50 credit will be removed. US$100 credit is fully withdrawable if Client A trades 50 lots.
    Hence, Client A gets a total of US$100 credit in this promotion. The total credit received is fully withdrawable only upon completing 50 lots.
    The clients with WeTrade live trading account before November 2020 by making a first-day deposit in November 2020 are entitled to credit excluded new client credit bonuses.

  12. This campaign is only applicable for new and existing clients until 23:59 on December 31, 2020 (GMT +8). After this period, the credit shall be removed for any incomplete require trading lot.

>> Questions and Answers <<

Can I withdraw the bonus when I have completed the required lot/s?

Yes, you can.

How can I apply for a bonus?

You need to create a live trading account. Then make the first deposit in your successful trading account. For each monthly deposit that meets the corresponding deposit threshold, the bonus is instant credited to your account without an additional application.

My first deposit is not meeting the corresponding threshold, can I still entitle to any bonus during my second deposit?

No, the bonus is limited to the client with the first deposit in November.

When do I need to complete the corresponding standard lot/s to earn the bonus?

The campaign period starts from 00:00 on November 01, 2020, until 23:59 on December 31, 2020 (GMT +8).

Can I earn points using the trading standard lot accumulated in this bonus promotion?

Clients will be automatically eligible for one (1) point for each of one (1) complete standard lot. This bonus promotion applies to forex, precious metals, and commodities only (excluding indices).

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