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October welcome bonus is the best bonus you can get, you can boost your earning by continuous trading.

  • up to $10,000

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>> Promotion <<

Date&Time:01 Oct-31 Oct,2020

Participants:All existing and new WeTrade clients globally

Promotion:The Welcome Bonus is designed to give you a powerful start after opening WeTrade real account.
You will receive bonus automatically when you meet standard trading lot levels.

>> Requirments <<

Accumulated Trading LotsExtra BonusAccumulated Bonus Received

>> Procedure <<

Open and active
WeTrade real account
Set up bonus receiving
account when you have
more than 1 trading
Start Trading
Boost your earnings
by continuous trading

>> Terms&Conditions <<

  1. WeTrade FX October Bonus is a tiered reward, and you can get bonus when you meet the corresponding threshold.

  2. 1 lot means 1 standard lot.

  3. All WeTrade account types can participate in this Promotion.

  4. Client MT4 trading account including additional accounts trading volume will be calculated for October Bonus.

  5. The effective trading volume of the event is the effective number of closed positions in October, and the CFD index is not calculated as the effective trading volume of the event.

  6. If the client has only one MT4 trading account and has automatically accepted the first rebate ($10 USD), there is no need to set the bonus accepting account, the bonus will be automatically credited to the client’s MT4 account.

  7. If the client already holds more than one MT4 trading accounts, the client needs to enter the client portal – My Rewards- Setting Bonus Acceptance Account, the bonus can be automatically credited to the account. Clients are required to set up an acceptance account before the end of the event, otherwise the bonus will not be automatically credited to client’s MT4 account.

  8. The bonus progress is real-time statistics. Delays may occur due to network connection, which is a normal phenomenon.

  9. WeTradeFX holds the final interpretation right of this event.

>> Questions and Answers <<

Can I withdraw my bonus?


I already received one bonus in October, then i opened one more additional account, shall i set up bonus acceptance account again ?

No need, the bonus will be credited to your acceptance account automatically.

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