WeTrade Shines at the Philippines Traders Fair in Manila

The Philippines Traders Fair successfully concluded on 25 May at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel in Manila. Traders Fair has served as a global platform where trading experts and enthusiasts share their insights on forex, stocks, futures, and more since its inception in 2018. We were honoured to be a part of this grand event in the Philippines, engaging with traders, partners and clients face-to-face.

During the event, our booth garnered significant attention, and we ensured that every visitor left not only with exclusive merchandise but also with profound insights into what our company has to offer. Our team had insightful discussions with attendees a nd introduced them to a plethora of trading services offered by us.

Furthermore, we emphasised the importance of traders having the right account type to suit their unique needs. Whether it’s beginner-friendly standard accounts, advanced ECN accounts, or interest-free Islamic accounts with no swaps, we cater to traders of many backgrounds and preferences.

In addition to that, we also introduced our range of innovative programmes called WeTrade Exclusive. With WeTrade Rewards, clients can effortlessly redeem branded rewards with non-expiring points, while WeTrade Honours unlock exclusive membership benefits, including access to up to 118,000 USD in cash rewards. WeTrade Wallet, on the other hand, safeguards clients' funds securely, providing peace of mind at every transaction.

We believe that providing our clients with a better trading environment and safeguarding their funds fosters trust and loyalty between us and our clients all over the world.

As we continue to expand internationally, we actively commit to localisation by having international exhibitions, seminars, events, and more in specific countries. The Philippines is just one of the many countries in Southeast Asia that we proudly serve, alongside Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and more.

Once again, thank you for being an essential part of the Philippines Traders Fair 2024. We trust you found value in the insightful seminars, built meaningful connections, and explored diverse offerings at the fair.

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