The 17th Shanghai Financial Management Expo concluded successfully , WeTrade shines in the audience !

On December 15, 2019, the 17th Shanghai Financial Management Expo came to a successful conclusion at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

This financial management expo still attracted a large number of visitors. The exhibition site was crowded with people, including banks, funds, securities firms, financial technology and other institutions, who crowded in front of the booths to learn about the latest changes in the financial management market and capture investment opportunities. Various forums and financial management lectures have also attracted a large number of "fans" to listen to expert opinions, thereby gaining insight into the changes in the financial market and seizing opportunities.

As a specially invited exhibitor, WeTrade brought elites from the United Kingdom, Seychelles, Malaysia, and China to attend this event, bringing professional, careful, thoughtful, and enthusiastic services to investors in Greater China.

As a Shanghai Financial Management Expo with a history of 15 years, it has brought together the brand power created over many years. Even in the cold winter, this expo is still very popular. As a foreign exchange broker with global operations, WeTrade's booth was extremely lively and became a beautiful scenery at the expo.

WeTrade's style is still as grand as ever. Many visitors stopped in front of WeTrade's booth, and some visitors opened accounts directly on the spot, which shows the conscience and quality of WeTrade!

On-site bartending:

The bartenders used in Huawei events performed fancy bartending performances. With the flexible palms and backs of the bartenders, the bottles rose and fell, creating cups of exotic flavors that made people intoxicated. IMG_2566 4.jpg

Etiquette model:

Domestic and foreign models are specially invited to stand for us and perform beautifully.

IMG_2616-Copy(1) 2.JPG

International bands:

International bands have been specially invited to perform multiple times, with a collection of Chinese and English songs, allowing people to enjoy this financial feast with beautiful melodies. The wonderful performance not only attracted many audiences and guests, but also received attention and praise from many media.


At the WeTrade booth, there were not only these relaxing and enjoyable programs, but also a wonderful awards ceremony.

The 2019 "Walking with Love, Caring for Primary Schools" commendation event was grandly held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, and the "Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Assistance in Education Award" was awarded.


At the 17th Shanghai Financial Management Expo, WeTrade won the Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Education Award.

WeTrade has supported Banpo Primary School in Mengding Town, Yunnan Province for two consecutive years. In 2019, it donated millions to build a new Hope Primary School in Shishan County, Gansu Province.


The tense, orderly and warm 17th Shanghai Financial Management Expo has come to a successful conclusion, but this is just the beginning of the encounter between WeTrade and you.

In the days to come, WeTrade will continue to provide you with the best products, the safest and fastest trading environment, diversified market activities, preferential agency policies, customized cooperation plans, as well as WeTrade's professional, careful, and Awesome services.


In the ever-changing financial market, WeTrade will always be with you to create a better tomorrow.

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