Dear Valued Clients,

The US government will release the December 2022 Non-farm Payroll data this Friday, January 6, 2023. During NFP, the market may experience dramatic fluctuations, such as insufficient liquidity, leading to sliding points, widening spreads, order rejection, and other phenomena. 

To prevent uncontrollable losses, clients are advised to apply the STP floating spread trading mode. Data quotations and risk events may lead to instantaneous, rapid, and large fluctuations in the market, resulting in a serious shortage of market liquidity. WeTrade does not guarantee all orders including preset stop-loss orders, and profit orders of clients will be triggered at the pre-set points of clients, nor can it guarantee that the bursting rate will be executed with absolute precision.

Clients are advised to pay attention to the account margin and consider risk tolerance.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to email or your dedicated account manager. Thank you for choosing WeTrade as your trading partner. We appreciate your continuing support and happy trading!

Our three primary missions are to ensure the safety of client funds, continuous progress, and steady development. Worry-free trading with the top three evaluations in the trading industry.

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