WeTrade Partner Responsibilities | Join us and Grow Together

WeTrade has a strict standard system to screen qualified partners, and provide partners with maximum support and the right concept of continuous delivery of honest and stable services.

* IB Support Policies:

- Electronic Agent License -

- Custom design and promotion copywriting support -

- Agent authorization plate -

- IB Exclusive applet -

- Offline material support -

- Custom online promotion -

- Public account operation -

- Small salon -

- Seminar -

*Customized entity authorization plate

*Agent Support Seminar

*IB Supervision mechanism:

We will continue to deliver the correct concept of honest and stable service to our partners to ensure the long-term stable operation of the platform and client experience. WeTrade reserves the right to cancel the cooperative relationship with partners whose ideas are contradictory, who acquire clients through illegal means or even deceive clients.

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